Kodak Flexcel NX Digital Flexographic System

The Kodak Flexcel NX Digital Flexographic System represents the latest in digital flexo platemaking technology, enabling on-press efficiency and unprecedented print quality for flexographic printers.

Kodak Flexcel NX Digital Flexographic Plates are designed to minimize waste and maximize efficiency in the pressroom while delivering results that rival offset and rotogravure print quality. Flexcel NX Plates offer significant benefits over analog and traditional digital flexo plates.

kodak Key Features and Benefits

  • Full-amplitude, flat-top dots that minimize dot gain and resist over-impression
  • Robust and stable on-press performance
  • Excellent ink transfer for smooth, uniform solids and high print densities
  • Exceptional resolution for higher line screen and fine highlight detail

kodak Unique Technology

  • Kodak SQUAREspot Imaging Technology creates a predictable, repeatable, high-resolution digital mask that is a pixel-for-pixel reproduction of the digital file
  • Innovative platemaking process enables the formation of full-amplitude flat-top dots on the plate that are a pixel-for-pixel reproduction of the digital mask
  • Kodak DigiCap NX Screening is a feature that enables a major step forward in ink transfer efficiency by the application of a micro surface texturization pattern to the Flexcel NX Plate surface
  • Kodak HyperFlex NX software enables robust dots in extreme highlight areas by building-up the plate floor near those dots. Ideal for low anilox and plate-impression scenarios

kodak Sustainability Message

Flexcel NX Plates help flexographic printers achieve their sustainability goals by

  • improving production efficiency
  • reducing ink
  • reducing substrate waste
  • and reducing their overall consumption of photopolymer plates.